The Hodor Buggy
Designed for children needing mild support - the HODOR buggy folds up - seat and frame together - in one easy action!    Postural Support is available - Headrests, Lateral Supports and Harnesses.


The HODOR Buggy has a unique folding mechanism that links the backrest to the folding handle.  This means that it only requires the one action of folding the Buggy frame and the seat folds in as well. This makes the HODOR buggy ideal for situations where the buggy is frequently going into the car boot.


Based on the Streetwise Chassis, the HODOR buggy is a simpler version for mild postural needs.  The friendly brake system is

carried forward - along with the reliability for which our products are known.

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The Phoenix Buggy
is designed to provide support from the very earliest opportunity.
Overcoming the initial resistance to have a supportive system is very easy once parents realise that the Buggy isn’t going to shout ‘SPECIAL NEEDS!’ on the high street.

The Phoenix seat unit provides a minimum seat size of 6” x 6” along with small scale postural support accessories to give you a seating solution for babies and toddlers.

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The Streetwise Buggy
sets new standards of Simplicity, Style and Protection


EASY BRAKE We realise that many of you struggle operating brakes with bare feet. We worked very hard on this detail so that applying and releasing the brake is no longer scary!


EASY SEAT REMOVAL Reach under the seat, release the

catch and off the seat comes! This is all part of the lifting motion, so very quick when you are loading up in the pouring rain!

The Tandem Buggy
from Activate for Kids is the only special needs buggy with a sensible solution for carrying a second child.  We believe that younger siblings really help a child with special needs and provide invaluable stimulation for their development. However, you still need to be able to get out and about and the Tandem is there to help you do this.

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The Corgi Sprint wheelchair
has a superior level of comfort for the user with its independent suspension system. The seat unit is also removable so that it can transfer onto one of the Corgi Powered bases. This is particularly useful for users who appear to have driving potential as they can try out driving without any change to their seating position. This normally results in higher success rates, and if they prefer to drive most of the time, they can still have the manual backup of a Corgi Sprint Base Unit.


* Robust Seating

* Large Growth Range

* Compact Tilting Base

* Crash Tested

* Family Friendly

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