Supportive, functional and FUN!

The Super car feel, the bright lights, that special feeling that special kids deserve...


The basis of the design is the well proven concept of a 600mm x 600mm wheelbase with the batteries stowed very low to the ground. This gives unrivalled stability – terrific peace of mind for parents of crazy drivers. With a complete modular supportive system we can tailor the Seating to each individual user and design a drive system that works for them.

Available in a range of colours – with bespoke colours available at a cost – the Mustang can also be presented with the ‘Powered by Fairy Dust’ image – one for the girls!


The Corgi Power

is our entry level powered wheelchair with height and angle adjustable seating position. The Corgi profiled seating and support are included in the cost, and the seat is removable and transferable onto the manual Sprint base. A range of controllers from both Dynamic and PG Drives are available, with access to programming if required.


We originally designed the Corgi Power to overcome problems with stability. Most other kids powered wheelchairs are derived from adult products, resulting in a higher seat position and centre of gravity. The Corgi Power has its battery pack placed very low to the ground, combined with the 60cm wide wheelbase to give sideways stability.

The Corgi Megatilt offers 40 degrees of rearwards tilt – useful for correct positioning after hoisted transfers as well as catering for those laid back moments. The Smart tilt mechanism keeps the centre of gravity over the wheelbase when in the fully tilted position.

The Corgi Power Hi-Lo is designed for those ‘hard to reach’ places, giving an impressive seat raise which overcomes many access issues in mainstream schooling. This feature is sometimes part funded by Education Authorities, resulting in excellent use of financial resources.


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