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All children are unique, and so are their needs. Our goal is to support the needs of the individual.

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Activate For Kids Ltd

Activate For Kids

We are a well-established family run manufacturer and supplier of postural and classroom chairs, tables and buggies for children. Every product is hand-crafted to order at our facility in Salisbury, Wiltshire using the best quality components. With an aim to give your child the best start whatever their ability, we want to promote enabling inclusivity and disability positivity.

We strive to cater to the individuals. From initial enquiry to delivery of the product, our bespoke service aims to ensure the childs specific needs are met.

Our focus is the way in which the chair is used by the child and the family. Each design offers practicality and ease of use with the required postural support. Our products put an emphasis on providing freedom – from everyday activities to getting out and about. Every child deserves to live their life to the fullest, and our goal is to support them in doing so.



We design and manufacture
all our products in Salisbury


01. Consultation

Working with families and Occupational Therapists to determine the best fit for the child.


02. Manufacturing

Developing bespoke products to suit the individual needs.


03. Delivery

Getting the final product to you via our trusted courier.



Working With

Trail Request

Corgi Classroom Chair one week trial request

Please fill in your child's sizes below.
Refer to image on the left if unsure on what to measure.

Please select accessories you would like as part of the trial. (fixed feet and hip guides/armrests come as standard)

Please add the Chest width below if selecting the Lateral Support accessory

Activate For Kids Ltd agree to provide 1 free trial per student – in the event that a further trial is required for any reason, packaging and carriage costs will be charged to the school.

Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the school to ensure that all Activate For Kids Ltd equipment is cared for and used appropriately; damage caused either during the trial period or as a result of insufficient packaging for its return may result in charges for the full cost of repair or replacement.