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Our daughter Olivia has extremely strong extensions and broke many a wheelchair in the early days. We’re about to take delivery of her 4th Sprint and over the years it’s proven to cope with everything we’ve thrown at it. Nothing is too much trouble for Kev, Vanessa and the team at Activate, their willingness to find solutions has helped us to meet many challenges as Olivia got older, and bigger! We really can’t recommend them enough.

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Corgi Classroom Chair one week trial request

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Activate For Kids Ltd agree to provide 1 free trial per student – in the event that a further trial is required for any reason, packaging and carriage costs will be charged to the school.

Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the school to ensure that all Activate For Kids Ltd equipment is cared for and used appropriately; damage caused either during the trial period or as a result of insufficient packaging for its return may result in charges for the full cost of repair or replacement.